What is called NEWS

 Certainly, a news description typically includes the following elements:

  • Headline: The headline is a concise and attention-grabbing title that summarizes the main point or topic of the news article.
  • Date and Time: The date and time the news was published or last updated, providing context about the recency of the information.
  • Lead/Opening Paragraph: The opening paragraph, also known as the lead, provides a brief summary of the most important information in the article. It often answers the "who," "what," "when," "where," and "why" questions to give readers a quick understanding of the story.
  • Main Body: The main body of the news article contains the details, facts, and context of the story. It includes quotes from sources, statistics, and additional information relevant to the topic.
  • Quotes: News articles may include quotes from experts, witnesses, or people involved in the story to provide different perspectives and insights.
  • Images or Multimedia: News stories often include images, videos, or multimedia elements to provide visual context or enhance the reader's understanding of the topic.
  • Attribution: In journalism, it's important to attribute information to its sources, so readers know where the information comes from. This may include citing government officials, experts, witnesses, or documents.
  • Additional Information: Depending on the type of news, there may be additional sections such as background information, related stories, or links to resources for further reading.
  • Byline: The byline typically includes the name of the journalist or reporter who wrote the article.
  • Source: The news source or publication where the article is published is usually identified at the beginning or end of the article.

  • News articles can cover a wide range of topics, including current events, politics, science, technology, health, entertainment, and more. The goal of a news article is to inform readers about recent and important events or developments in a clear and unbiased manner.

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